Why We Need To Stop Worrying And Learn To Love Immigrants

For those of you who didn't catch my reference to the film Dr Strangelove in the title, I want to talk about immigration. I know heavy stuff. 
I just want to share my thoughts on the subject, after all, it's my space to write about my thoughts and passions, and my blog description does say that I write about things that pop into my head.

This is a tetchy subject, particularly in light of the recent election where the main focus really, was immigration, but I want to talk about our attitude particularly in England. 

An article I recently came across gave me the idea for this post.

I don't understand this flagrant dismissal of people fleeing war zones, rape, abuse and conditions we cannot begin to imagine. 

These people are desperate and yet the first thought of our average Joe, is that Kos had become “disgusting” and that “It’s really dirty and messy here now,”  “And it’s awkward. I'm not going to sit in a restaurant with people watching you.”

We have a duty, as humans, to care for one another, to help each other when times are tough, and yet, people just complain, putting themselves before the people who need help the most because they're an inconvenience, or a strain on our resources and economy. 

We need to stop bowing to societal peer pressure and everyone's attitudes to the migrants drowning: Oh boohoo look at all those poor immigrants drowning in the Mediterranean, lets put them in a shelter for a bit and then send them back to where they came from. 

No. We need to address the problems in the countries themselves, we need to stop the traffickers, and the drug dealers and fix their messed up systems of welfare and police forces, we need to stop the bribery and the pure exploitation of people and their families. 

We need to protect their homes, so that these death trap boats aren't even an option any more. It's not enough to send money to these countries. We need to fix the problems deeply embedded into their societies. 

Does this post have a purpose, a resounding end. I don't know. I just wanted to show you my view on this subject. I wanted to give you the side of the story of a girl sitting and watching the stories unfurl in the media, and her horror at the attitudes of people around her, friends that believe that people should vote for UKIP because 'there are too many immigrants that are stealing are jobs'- oh what, cleaning our drains, collecting our rubbish?  

'Send them to Russia- there's loads of room there.' No comment. 

I do understand the problem that England is facing with illegal immigrants. It's problem I know, but UKIP is definitely not the answer, but this post is not an attack on UKIP- well, because there's not much point, and plus this post would be hella long.

I think we need to stop being grumpy, xenophobic Brits and stop treating these migrants as just another strain on the countries resources. 
Start thinking of them as people like us, with thoughts feelings, families, friends, lives and loves. People trying to escape from unimaginable conditions desperate to start afresh. 

I want a future for my children where people stop treating migrants as a problem they need to be rid of. Where people don't know the meaning of xenophobia- let alone how to pronounce it. Of course we must have immigration laws and border control, but just don't be like those British tourists complaining about migrants blocking their sun.

Please let me know in the comments what you think- I'd love to hear your opinions! 

Today's quote: 'There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.”- John Holmes


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