Vogue Entry #3 Pitches For Ideas

Fashion on wheels
I have always been an avid cyclist and have wondered what can be done to make cycling more fashionable for women. I cannot help but notice that there are more and more brave souls taking to the fume infused streets of London as opposed to the subterranean commute. Cycling has traditionally been a mans’ sport, however with the rise in women now cycling to work, and the good weather finally making an appearance there is no better time to do a feature on cycling fashion. Whether it is of the top picks for cycling gear, helmets or shoes, to multi-purpose garments that can be worn on a bike or in the office. America is far ahead of us with companies like Betabrand providing just that. I want to find a way of minimising the time taken to change an entire outfit, for people with a busy schedule. Cycling gear for women doesn’t always have to be neon lycra.

Bend down boutiques
A lot has been written about our cheap and disposable clothing culture. We buy to throw away and don’t give a second thought as to where the clothing we ‘donate’ actually goes to. After our sack of clothing is delivered to our local Oxfam, often the clothing ends up in the markets of a sub-saharan country. In the UK more than 70% of reused clothing gets sent abroad - that is a staggering 350,000 tonnes. Demand is rising for  ‘bend down boutiques’, this is as it describes, people bending down to look through giant bins of clothing. Locals call this fashion “white man’s deads”.This mass import of our unwanted clothing is killing the local clothing industry. Demand for locally produced clothing in traditional designs and textiles has plummeted. Our clothing is manufactured in the world’s poorest countries and when we, in the rich West have finished with them - we ship them over to other poor countries. Where they are placed in giant black bins, with someone bending over it sorting through the rags from the riches.
There is so much that goes on after our bin bag has been dropped off outside Oxfam.

Mix and Match Makeup

Our society is fasted paced and demanding, each person needs to be somewhere quicker than the last. With smaller handbags for S/S15, makeup bags bursting at the seams just won't cut it. Not only do people wear less makeup during the Spring and Summer, there is also more travel. I think a feature on multi purpose beauty products will be received with open arms. There has been a huge market for multi purpose products with brands like Charlotte Tilbury and NARS leading the way with the Film Stars On The Go, and the Matt Multiples, High Street brands are also snapping up this opportunity for extra sales, so a guide on this will be welcomed by puzzled customers. This feature could, not only include what is available on the market, but also what could be used at home, for example, lipsticks as blusher, and brown eyeshadows as bronzers.


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