I wrote a poem...

So I wrote a poem for the first time, it's called Big Orange Man in a Red Power Tie.
Enjoy and please be nice...

I'm befuddled and bemused
Filled with angst and trepidation

Of the big orange man in the red power tie.

His abilities to fill people

full of false hope
Riding on the waves of safety in the illusion he creates.
His untouchable comments
The bed of nails growing day by day
expanding into a web of lies, filth and foreboding.
He feeds on the poor
Their desperate cling to the man who
will make America
Was it before?
Maybe the people want to revert back to a time,
A time that never existed.
And now we are stuck
In a time where we stand on the brink of the abyss. Either way we know
We know we're not safe.
Kidding ourselves with the illusions, the lies
The promises,
Sweet, false promises
Laid bare by journalists ignored, desperate to show the people the filth the dirt
But they won't listen.
The collective roars of the people in caps with banners and signs and faces full
Of hope.
The echos of rallies ringing in their ears

The thrill of the chilling sting of hatred

the people riled up to a frenzied climax-

And it's him.
Goading them.
Daring them.
Pushing them.
And then he'll abandon them.
Like they always do.
That sweet sweet goal
That magnitude of power.
The destruction, disappointment, dejection and tragedy.
Of the hope he built, finally they thought
Finally someone will hear
But the roars of the crowd have gone from his ears.
His ego too big to preserve and remember
The echoes.
Of the adoration
Of the people who have put their lives, their future, their children
Invested everything in
And now we wait. We watch with bated breath
Filled with trepidation and fear
For the big orange man in a red power tie.
What will he say next
He holds
The fate of a nation
In his tiny hands.

Today's quote: "Strong men don't need to put down women to make themselves feel powerful" - Michelle Obama 


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