Looking to the Future.

Today marked a monumental occasion. Not least because it was an unexpected decision, but because it was a day when the nation divided, and chaos reigned.

One can take many things from this outcome, what stood out to me- other than the impact that this will have on my country and future, was what this says to the rest of the world. I watched the financial market plummeting, I saw the panic and the defeat when the final results were announced. The hurt, the shame, and the grief.

This election was about so much more that just in or out. This election was about identity, it said a lot about who people were and their attitudes. This election proved to the world, and to the British people what they already knew, and feared about us. 

For all our patriotism, our 'pride' in multiculturalism, our aggressive acceptance of LGBT, and our silent hatred of the French, this election has proved that we let our own selfishness get the better of us and discarded basic duties to our neighbors, and the refugees. 
By abandoning our duties, we don't just look like naive inhabitants of a tiny island, we are saying that we actually don't really care what happens to the rest of the world, the risk of the collapse of the EU and the dangerous rise of Putin.

A vote to leave means that people like Farage and his despicable poster have won. His once shocking and disturbingly racist attitude towards migrants and UK independence has now become the belief of a large number of British people. 
Our smug two fingered salute to the EU and it's 'evil bureaucratic leadership' proves our simmering racism and nastiness beneath the surface. This is a victory for xenophobia, paranoia, and right-wing extremism. They have their 'Britain back', and it's ruined. 
I am deeply ashamed and embarrassed to call myself British now. We have let down the whole of Europe, and shown our true colours to the world. The countries who lit up their most famous landmarks with the British flag to show their support, now also face an uncertain period of time over the fate of the EU. 
One thing is for sure. The world is now a different place. The atmosphere is strange. Today's Britain is a very different Britain to what it was. 

I don't know what lies ahead. I'd like to think I do, but I'm as clueless and scared as everyone else. The result is decided and what needs to happen now, as we wait for the dust to settle, is to try and accept our fate and uncertain future, to try, our best to unite this divided country.

So long Europe. It won't be the same without you. 


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